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Alluring lunacy

Posted in writing, short fiction by Psychopoliticus on December 7, 2009

Many times one finally comes upon alluring lunacy.  

 The only way to make the garden appear is to stand in front of it and make a certain expression with one’s eyes. Otherwise, it is simply not there, invisible. The moment you do this though, the garden will appear but if you try to walk into it, it’s gone.

On the other hand, if you don’t make any expression with your eyes and simply keep walking, maybe the garden will appear on its own and wait for you to walk into it. 

All of this made absolutely no sense to the little creature who was just born days ago in the foxhole even though it was warned this way by its mother.  How could it make any sense to never show that it wants to enter the garden, if all it wants is to enter the garden? 

When I want food, reasoned the little creature, I cry to show that I want food and my mother brings it to me. When I want to play, I come up to my sibling and paw him to show that I want to play.  So why cannot I show that I want very much to see the garden? 

But the fox cannot understand this yet.