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Third Arm

Posted in writing, short fiction by Psychopoliticus on September 21, 2009

Everyone in the family didn’t know what to do about the fact that their boy thought he had a third arm growing from the middle of his trunk.  In fact, it was highly embarrassing.  He was nurtured when he had influenza and everyone would gather around him. But not so with the arm!


“Well, why don’t you think that ,instead of a third arm, you have a million dollars or…or at least a Chinese Junk?”, the boy’s mother would say. “Or better than that–“, his father would say, “why don’t you pretend you’re a successful doctor? Put your imagination to good use!”


Once at an extended family dinner the boy was so preoccupied with his third arm that he kept crying out in agony; the arm would not stop suffocating him. 


“What’s the matter honey?”, asked a concerned relative.


“I have a third arm, and it won’t stop suffocating me”, sad the boy very directly. 


The embarrassment on the relative’s face was difficult to describe. She was looking away from the boy and smiling, as though smiling would make it all okay. 


“Maybe you can translate for grandma that I have a third arm and it won’t stop suffocating me. Otherwise she might feel hurt that I haven’t been spending enough time with her on her birthday”, requested the boy. 


But the relative was still looking away from him and still smiling. She didn’t want to associate with him.